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This is your free online source for everything Forex. We supply free Forex indicators and Expert Advisors (EA) for the Metatrader 4 trading platform. We also provide free Forex signals, tested trading strategies, and more. Our goal is to make trading Forex online easy! Feel free to contribute to this website by emailing us your indicator, EA, or other Forex related work. Your contribution will be published on this website with all credits given to you.
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Our staff is highly experienced in trading Forex and everything related. Our staff includes programmers, traders, and other management personel. We operate 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have. Just click on the button above to contact us.
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Free Forex Products

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Free Forex Indicators

Forex Easy Online spacerThese free indicators are grouped together in alphabetical order and are available for instant download. There are hundreds of indicators available 100% FREE. Feel free to send us your custom made indicator to be included on our site.

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(Group A) Indicators
(Group B) Indicators
(Group C) Indicators
(Group D) Indicators
(Group E) Indicators
(Group F) Indicators
(Group G) Indicators
(Group H) Indicators
(Group I) Indicators
(Group J) Indicators
(Group K) Indicators
(Group L) Indicators
(Group M) Indicators
(Group N) Indicators
(Group O) Indicators
(Group P) Indicators
(Group R) Indicators
(Group S) Indicators
(Group T) Indicators
(Group U) Indicators
(Group V) Indicators
(Group W) Indicators
(Group X) Indicators
(Group Z) Indicators

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List of Free Forex Indicators

Price Rate of Change (ROC)
Price Volume Rank
Prime Numbers Bands
Prime Numbers Oscillator
Projection Bands
Projection Bandwidth
Projection Oscillator
Public Short Ratio
Puts|Calls Ratio

Quadrant Lines

Raff Regression Channel
Rainbow Oscillator
Random Walk Index (RWI)
Range Expantion index (REI)
Range Indicator
Rate of Change (ROC)
Regression Forecast
Regression Intercept
Regression R-Squared
Regression Slope
Relative Momentum Index (RMI)
Relative Strength Comparative
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Relative Vigor Index (RVI)
Relative Volatility Index (RVI)
Ribbon Study
Running total

Schaff trend cycle
Senkou span
Shaded Equivolume
Simple Moving Average
Slow stochastic
Speed Lines
Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation Channel
Standard Error
Standard Error Bands
Standard Error Channel
Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI)
Stochastic Oscillator
Stochastic RSI
Stoller Average range channel (STARC)
Swing Index

Tenkan Sen
Three Line Break
Time Series Forecast
Time Series Moving Average
Tirone Levels
Tom Demark Moving Average
Tom Demark Range Projection
Total Short Ratio
Trade Volume Index
Trend Line
Trend Score
Triangular Moving Average
Triple exponential Moving Average
True Range (TR)
True Strength Index (TSI)
Typical Price

Ultimate Oscillator (UO)
Up Average
Upside/Downside Ratio
Upside/Downside Volume

Variable Moving Average
Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF)
Volume Accumulation
Volume Adjusted Moving Average
Volume by price
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate of Change (VROC)

Welles Wilder Moving Average
Welles Wilder RSI
Welles Wilder Smoothing
Welles Wilder Summation
Welles Wilder Volatility Index
Williams’ Accumulation/Distribution
Williams %R

Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
Zig Zag
Haurlan index
Herrick Payoff Index
High Low Bands
High Minus Low
Historical volatility

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (IKH)
Intraday Momentum Index (IMI)

Kagi chart
Keltner channel
Kijun sen
Klinger Oscillator (KO)

Large Block Ratio
Least Squares Moving Average
Line Oscillator
Linear regression channel
Linear regression indicator
Linear regression slope
Linear Regression Trendline
Linear regression

Market Facilitation Index (BW MFI)
Mass Index (MI)
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation
Median Price
Member Short Ratio
MESA Sinewave
Market Facilitation Index (BW MFI)
Mass Index (MI)
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation
Median Price
Member Short Ratio
MESA Sinewave
Modified moving average
Momentum percent %
Money Flow
Money Flow Index (MFI)
Moving Average
MACD 2 lines
MACD Histogram
Moving Average Envelope
Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA)
Moving Averages of the High and Low
Moving Correlation Coefficient
Moving Covariance
Moving Dispersion
Moving Regression Line
Moving Standard Deviation
Moving Standard Error
Moving Summation

Natenberg Volatility
Negative Volume Index (NVI)
Net Momentum Oscillator (NMO)
New Highs - Lows Cumulative
New Highs - Lows Ratio
New Highs - New Lows
Norton high-low indicator
Notis %V

Odd Lot Balance Index
Odd Lot Short Ratio
OHLC bars
On Balance Open Interest (OBOI)
On Balance Volume (OBV)
On Balance Volume, Expanded System
On Balance Volume, Moving
Open-10 TRIN
Oscillator (Percent)
Oscillator of moving averages (OsMA)
Overbought/Oversold (OB/OS)

Parabolic SAR (pSAR)
Percent change
Percent of resistance (PCR)
Percent R
Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO)
Performance Indicator
Pivot Points Support & Resistance Lines
Point & Figure
Polarized Fractal Efficiency (PFE)
Positive Volume Index (PVI)
Price action indicator
Price and Volume Trend (PVT)
Price channel
Price Oscillator
PriceTrend indicator
Advance/Decline (A/D) Line
Advance/Decline (A/D) Ratio
Absolute Breadth Index (ABI)
Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator (AC)
Accumulate or Running Total
Accumulation Swing Index (ASI)
Accumulation/Distribution (A/D)
Accumulation/Distribution of volume
Advance/Decline Line Breadth
Advancing-Declining Issues
All_USD_Pair Alpha
Alpha Jensen
Andrew's Pitchforks
Arms Index (TRIN)
Aroon Oscillator
ASC Trend
Auto-Pivot Plotter
Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
Average Directional Movement Rating (ADXR)
Average Price
Average True Range (ATR)
Awesome Oscillator (AO)

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands Histogram
Bolton-Tremblay Indicator
Breadth Thrust
Bretz TRIN-5
Bull/Bear Ratio

Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Oscillator (CHO)
Chaikin Volatility (CHV)
Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO)
Chaos Fractal Bands
Chaos Fractal Oscillator
Chaos Gator
Chicago Floor Trading Pivotal Point
Chinkou Span
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Commodity Selection Index (CSI)
Comparative Performance
Comparative Relative Strength Index
Comparative Strength
CP volumentum trend
Crystal Trend
Correlation Analysis
Cumulative Volume Index (CVI)
Cutler's RSI

Darvas Boxes
Demand Index
DeMarker (DeM)
Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO)
De-trended Price
Directional Movement Index (DX)
Disparity index
Displaced MA
Double exponential moving average
Down Average
Dynamic momentum

Ease of Movement
Ehler's Fisher Transform
Elliot oscillator
Envelope Percent
Error Channels
Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

Fast stochastic
Fibonacci Arcs
Fibonacci Fans
Fibonacci phi-Channel
Fibonacci Retracements
Fibonacci Spiral
Fibonacci Studies
Fibonacci Time Goals
Fibonacci Time Zones
Force Index (FRC)
Forecast Moving Average
Forecast Oscillator
Four percent model
Full stochastic

Gann Fan
Gator Oscillator
General Stochastic Calculation

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